Kenwood Painted Metals, Inc.   20200 Governors Drive, Suite 202   Olympia Fields, IL 60461
The Next Generation
Service Center

Kenwood Painted Metals is pleased to announce its merger with Flack Global Metals effective April 1, 2017.

Flack designs and fulfills supply chains for OEMs using flat rolled steel, pre-painted metal, aluminum and stainless. Each metal is prepared to all value levels including coating, painting, embossing, blanking, slitting, and sheeting. Kenwood joins Flack’s North American processing partners and global network of resources designed to take price volatility out of the steel industry and add agility and real-time responsiveness to processing and supply chain management.

Augmented by Kenwood’s mastery of painted metals, strong brand recognition, and wide customer base, this merger of two strong companies creates a singular presence that is galvanizing the iconic US steel and metals industry as The Next Generation Service Center.

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